Pink Crush Bouquet

$149.00$159.00 the Smallest Carbon Footprint with Calyx Roses. Why? Because our roses are Cut FRESH from the fields and delivered directly to your door! That’s why Calyx roses LAST the longest—phenomenally long! We don’t cut them until you’ve placed your order, they’re waiting for you, not languishing in a refrigerator. Plus, by eliminating the middle-person, THIS ensures that the farms are paid more to support their families. Choose Calyx for fresher, longer-lasting roses and a greener footprint!

Indulge in our exquisite Garden Roses collection, brimming with the freshest pink blooms of the season. Delight in eighteen stems boasting vibrant shades of pink, beautifully accentuated by lush, contrasting deep green foliage. These roses exude an enchanting fragrance, transporting you to a serene rose garden experience. Watch in awe as they gracefully unfurl from bud to full bloom, adding a touch of natural beauty to any space

  • Extra Large 18 and greens (shown)
  • Large 12 and greens
  • Captivating scent
  • This bouquet delivers on Tuesday & Thursday ONLY


Calyx’s recommendation for optimal vase arrangement begins with trimming the stems to 4”-5” above the vase, cutting at a 45-degree angle for maximum water absorption. Refresh the water every 1-2 days to prolong the freshness of your flowers. When arranging, start with any greens or foliage in your bouquet, ensuring none are submerged underwater. For a balanced display, consider trimming each stem to varying heights.

Upon arrival, you may notice guard petals on the roses, which protect roses during shipping. Simply remove these outer guard petals to reveal the pristine beauty of your blooms.

Remember, it is your masterpiece, have fun!


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