Petite Phalaenopsis Plant


Small in size but mighty in beauty.  Our double-spiked petite phalaenopsis plant is a great gift for every occasion with its beauty of tropical grace. Shipped in bud and bloom, and perfectly complemented by our Venetian-inspired cachepot.  We are allowing our grower to choose the day’s finest bloom to ensure its natural beauty, you choose the cachepot color, white or olive.  We suggest purchasing more than one to create a WOW tabletop centerpiece.

  • Plant height:  10″ – 12″
  • Cachepot:  ceramic, 2 3/4″ high
  • Please Note:  Delivery to Arizona is not available.

Place the orchid plant where it will receive low, indirect light. It will do best with temperatures between 59 to 79 degrees. Keep orchid slightly moist, the roots should never be dry nor soggy. These plants like humidity between 40-50%. Misting will help increase humidity. Fertilize once a month with a balanced orchid food at half strength. Do not fertilize while flowering.


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