Peaceful Easter Garden


Due to the high demand of plants this time of year we will be using the best suited and freshest plants for this garden.  

A quaint, comforting surprise this warm and peaceful garden is designed to bring your friends and family enduring joy. An oasis of springtime favorites perfectly suited for anyone special, it blooms with the beauty of a kalanchoe, prayer plant with the finishing touch of trailing ivy and/or azaleas.  Our deep dish recycled material cachepot finishes the ensemble.

  • Plant height:  12″ – 14″
  • Garden of 3 plants
  • Cachepot: recycled material, 7 1/2″ wide

Place your plant in an area of full light during the day. With proper care, your plant will bloom for 2 to 3 weeks. It is not necessary to fertilize the plant. Water thoroughly and let the surface dry between waterings. Roots will rot if the plant is over-watered. Boston ferns enjoy being misted weekly. Each plant arrives in an insert and wrapped for shipping. Remove wrapping placing in the cachepot- keeping plant in the original inserts.


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