Orange Burst Azalea


Celebrate summer with a big, beautiful, blooming azalea plant in an amazing shade of orange. This unique variety is an exceedingly lovely plant, with its masses of ruffled blooms that glow against its deep green foliage. The plant really shines in our lustrous, silver ceramic cachepot with ridged texture, making it a stylish choice for every occasion.

  • Plant height: 10″-12″
  • Cachepot: metallic; 5½” high

Place your plant in an area that receives filtered sunlight. Water when soil is dry to the touch. Be sure to allow for proper drainage. Some humidity is desirable and can be obtained by an occasional misting. Remove spent blossoms and yellowing leaves. Prune the plant occasionally to maintain a good shape. You may wish to feed lightly from April through July with an acid-type plant food at half the recommended strength.

Plant with cachepot 4K0K03198

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