Mother’s Day Extravaganza


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Debut Design – Be among the select few to share in this premiere design.

We’ve put together an impressive ensemble of our most popular preserved wreath, plant and bouquet.  Three Beautiful Gifts in One Order!  Calyx Flowers is pleased to provide you a convenient and special way to surprise your Mother with a collection of the season’s incredible assortment delivered for an unforgettable week of happiness.

  • Gift # 1 – Preserved Wreath with embossed wreath hanger – arriving the week before Mother’s Day week.
  • Gift # 2 – Our # 1 Mother’s Day plant – Blue Rhapsody Hydrangea – arriving on the Wednesday of Mother’s Day week.
  • Gift # 3 – One of our top seller bouquets with clear glass vase – arriving on the Thursday of Mother’s Day Week.

A gift she will remember and treasure for quite some time.

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