Spring Equinox Bouquet


The ultimate bouquet of color and fragrance! Stately and stylish, this generous bouquet blooms with double-blossom stock in a rainbow of favorite colors, including dark purple, amethyst, fuchsia, and white. Situated in our exclusive Petite Flourish lavender vase, each of the twenty stems lends an enticing, spicy scent that will fill any room in home or office.

  • Stem count: 20
  • Vase: glass, 6″ high
  • Fragrant
  • Also available in our signature glass vase

We recommend trimming the stems to be 4”- 5” above the vase.  Cut at a 45-degree angle. Give your flowers fresh water and refresh every 1-2 days.  Display as you please starting with the greens/foliage first if your bouquet contains them and do not allow any foliage to be underwater.  Remember, it is your masterpiece, have fun!

If your bouquet contains roses remove the outer guard petals which protect the roses during shipping.  If your bouquet contains hydrangeas submerge the entire bloom with the stem in fresh water for 20-30 minutes if they look tired, they will bounce back.  For additional care instructions please go to https://www.calyxflowers.com/floral-library/.


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