Majestic Alberta Spruce


SKU: 4C0E00083

Deck your desk, tabletop or mantle with lush greenery of the Pacific Northwest. Our Alberta Spruce mini tree with its fresh fragrance is perfect for raising holiday spirits and decorating small spaces. is sure to please.  Out timberland cachepot sets the scene for festive display.

  • Fresh evergreen: 22” – 26” high
  • Cachepot:  metal, 6″ high
  • Fragrant


To remove, simply snip wires from the back of the box and lift the item gently. Our fresh designs are originally produced with extra elements so slight shedding is normal. To keep your tree fresh for the longest possible time, water weekly and mist occasionally with water. The designs are best maintained when displayed indoors, away from direct sunlight, strong heat sources and extreme moisture.


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