Spring Tulip Plant


Debut Design – Be among the select few to share in this premiere design.

Endearing in every way, our Dutch tulips are an emblem of springtime optimism that bring joy to all who see. Five bulbs are planted in a bright orange ceramic cachepot with a raised flourish, appropriate for all occasions, men and women. Shipped in bud and your choice of color, the plant will delight the recipient as it continues to come into its own, spilling open into beautiful, happy blooms that rearrange themselves daily as they play chase with the sun.

  • Plant height: 10″-12
  • Choice of color:  yellow, red or pink
  • Cachepot: Ceramic, 5″ high
  • Color availability varies with the season

Tulips love sunlight as they are phototropic and will turn towards a beam of light. Place the plant in a cool location receiving sunlight, but away from drafts. Keep soil evenly moist and allow proper drainage. Once the foliage has died you may dig up your tulips and store in a cool dry area for replanting in. October and November are the best months to replant your bulbs.


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