Lavish Lavender Iris


The sheer beauty of a Telstar iris bouquet is sure to convey lavish affection, whether sent to surprise a long-time friend or celebrate a family member’s birthday. Easy to arrange, this ten-stem bouquet unfurls into a uniquely shaped form of purple accented with hints of yellow. Our exclusive lavender flourish vase complements the rich colors of the iris, and adds springtime flair.

  • Stem length: 15 – 17″
  • Stem count: 10
  • Vase: glass, 7″ high
  • Also available in signature glass vase

Trim 2″ or more on a diagonal from the bottom of each stem. We recommend cutting the stems underwater for best blooming results. Be sure to leave enough room to allow the ever-emerging iris to open fully. You may also create a grid with clear tape on your vessel to assist in arranging. Add fresh water daily and re-cut stems every other day.


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