Graphite Gray Recycled Cachepot


SKU: 4C0V00576

This sweeter-than-sweet azalea plant is a surefire way to make your special someone smile. Perfect for birthdays, baby showers or to brighten any day; the happy plant is shipped in bud and bloom with an umbrella of green foliage topped with ruffly lavender blossoms. To enhance the brilliance of the blooms, we’re featuring the 4 ½” grower’s pot in an eco-friendly, slate-inspired cachepot crafted from recycled materials.

Place plant in a cool area that receives filtered sunlight. Outdoors, place plant where it will receive partial shade; morning light is preferred. Do not allow the azalea to wilt. Wilting will shorten the flowering time. Never let the soil become dry. It should always be a bit moist. Water plant by pouring 10 to 12 ounces of water into top of pot until water runs out the bottom – do this over a sink. Be sure to allow for proper drainage. Do not let azalea sit in water for more than one hour. Some humidity is desirable – an occasional misting is helpful. Remove spent blossoms and yellowing leaves. Prune the plant occasionally to maintain a good shape.