Floral Gables Bouquet


A true piece de resistance, this unabashedly colorful and feminine bouquet is masterfully designed for the times you want to go completely over the top. Pulitzer-inspired palette and frilly texture are given full attention when displayed in our stately, gold-cast aluminum vase.

  • Stem length: 18″ – 22”
  • Stem count: 36 (shown) or 18
  • Vase: gold-cast aluminum; 8½” high
  • Please note: as shown vase will arrive in separate shipment

Remove all foliage that will fall below the water line on all stems. Remove the “guard petal” on each rose – this is the outermost petal left on to protect the bud during shipment. You may also remove any petals that may have slightly bruised during shipping. IMPORTANT! We recommend cutting all stems underwater for best blooming results. Alstroemeria may look a bit tired upon arrival. Don’t despair! They’re healthy – just thirsty. They will rehydrate and perk up within 24 hours. Always add fresh water daily. Change water and re-cut stems every other day

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