Fall Bittersweet Azalea Plant


Outfitted for the season in our “Fall” cachepot, our Bittersweet azalea rewards with an abundance of ruffled orange blossoms. Each plant arrives covered with buds amidst deep green foliage, ready to bloom. Makes a lovely gift for family, friends and business associates.

  • Plant height:  12″ – 14″
  • Cachepot: hand-painted metal, 6″ high
  • Also available in our woven basket

Water once a week in the morning, more often during the hotter months. Always allow proper drainage. Foliage should be light green; dark green indicates too little light. Azaleas like humidity. Keeping your plant on a bench or shelf increases humidity naturally. Misting the leaves in the morning with a squirt bottle also helps. Remove spent blossoms and yellowing leaves. Prune the plant occasionally to maintain a good shape. You may wish to feed lightly from April through July with an acid-type plant food at half the recommended strength.


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