Busy Bee Gardenia Plant


Perfect for the ultimate busy bee or anyone who loves gardenias’ popular, sweet fragrance; this plant features creamy white blooms and shiny dark green foliage. With proper care, it may flower year-round, with the most abundant blooms spring through summer. Shown here in a footed Art-Deco-inspired metal cachepot hand painted with a pink-and-gold bee motif.

  • Plant height: 15″ – 18″
  • Fragrant
  • Cachepot: hand-painted metal; 6½” high

Do not over water your gardenia as leaf drop can result. The plant prefers to not be too warm and dislikes low humidity interior environments. To keep your plant full, cut back any long un-branched new growth, making the cut just above the leaf joint. Your plant will bloom indoors for up to two weeks, afterwards we recommend planting it outside in a sunny area. Remember if you’re planning a party, plants make stunning decorations for a buffet table.

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