Autumn Glow Orchids4k0k00472_lg

Autumn Glow Orchids


Inspired by fall’s fiery foliage, this quintessential design enriches homes with vibrancy and warmth. The dense seasonal blend of Ruby Red mokaras, Twilight orange mokaras and Yellow mokaras are displayed here in our vintage-inspired glass vase defined by a stunning amber hue.

  • Stem length: 15″-17″
  • Stem count: 13 (shown) or 26
  • Vase: glass; 7″ high
  • Also available in our glass signature vase
  • Did you know we offer a Year of Orchids in 3, 6 and 12-month instalments?

Trim ½” from the bottom of each spray by making a diagonal cut. Arrange orchids allowing them to fan out. Do not allow any blooms to be underwater. If you must, simply remove the blossom from the stem. Always add fresh water daily and mist your orchids. Trim away spent blossoms as your bouquet ages and rearrange. Typical orchid buds may gradually open at the tips of each stem, although most do not.

Large bouquet with vase 4K0K03520 $99.95
Large bouquet with signature glass vase 4K0K00472 $89.95
Large bouquet, 13 stems 4C0B00381 $79.95
Bounty bouquet, 26 stems 4C0B00382 $129.95

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