Sweet Soul Bouquet


Tropicals- sent to sing Mom’s praises or to entertain another special someone, this magnificent medley of colors and an award-winner “Calyx Standards” design demands attention! The tropicals arrange themselves in perfect harmony with our rainforest eco-friendly mini-bananas as the centerpiece.

  • Stem length: 20″-24″
  • Stem count: 15
  • Vase: glass

Remove all foliage that will fall below the water line. Remove the “guard petal” on each rose – this is the outermost petal left on to protect the bud during shipment. You may also remove any petals that may have slightly bruised during shipping. We recommend cutting all stems underwater for best blooming results. As the lilies open, you may gently pull off the pollen anthers to avoid pollen dust. Be careful not to get lily pollen on your clothing or linens. You may wish to place a protective mat under your bouquet to prevent pollen from falling on your furniture or carpet if you do not remove the anthers.