Archipelago Potpourri Tree


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Filling the home with festive fragrances is a wonderful way to get everyone in the holiday spirit. And here is a very unique and beautiful way to do just that. We’ve discovered this tree-shaped wire structure filled with colorful potpourri by Archipelago Botanicals, featuring a classic holiday scent called “JOY” that blends orange, crushed cinnamon, and spice.

  • 15″ high x 5″ in diameter at its widest
  • Fragrant

Carefully remove tree from packaging. Keep away from heat or open flame. The best place to display your tree is indoors, away from direct sunlight, strong heat sources and extreme moisture, where you can enjoy the fragrance of the holiday. Please note: outdoor display is not recommended. All Archipelago products are formulated using ingredients that are known to be safe, effective and reliable – but that were developed free from the need for laboratory tests on live animals.

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