Spurred Snapdragon – Linaria maroccana

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Spurred Snapdragon – Linaria maroccana

Common Name: Toadflax, Spurred Snapdragon

Botanical Name: Linaria maroccana, lie-NAY-re-a

Decorative Life: Four to 10 days depending on cultivar and postharvest treatment.

Flower Color: , , ,


Family Roots:
  • A member of the Scrophulariacece or figwort family Common relatives include calceolaria, veronica, verbascum, penstemon, foxglove, snapdragon, and nemesia.
  • Is an annual flower that looks like a snapdragon with the addition of a basal spur.
Storage Specifics:

Storage at 34F (1C) fo one week was detrimental.