Sneezeweed – Helenium autumnale and H. spp.

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Sneezeweed – Helenium autumnale and H. spp.

Common Name: Sneezeweed

Botanical Name: Helenium autumnale and H. spp., he-LE-ni-um a-tum-NAY-le

Decorative Life: From 12-16 days.

Flower Color:

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Family Roots:
  • As a member of the Compositae (aster) family, it has many relatives including zinnia, chrysanthemum, sunflower, cosmos, lettuce, endive, tansy, dahlia and dandelion.
  • It is native to North America.
  • It is a perennial up to 5 feet tall, branched with leaves that are about 6 x 1.5 inches.
  • Flowers are tightly clustered in about two inch diameter heads, ray florets 10-20, yellow.
  • From the Greek “helenion” for an Old World plant (perhaps Inula helenium), said to have been named for Helen of Troy.
  • Its specific epithet name “autumnale” indicates at what time of the year it naturally flowers.