Sea Holly – Eryngium planum

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Sea Holly – Eryngium planum

Common Name: Blue Thistle, Sea Holly

Botanical Name: Eryngium planum, e-RIN-jee-um PLAY-num

Decorative Life: Flowers 10-12 days, foliage 5-8 days.

Flower Color:


Harvest Instructions:

Harvest when flowers are fully open. Plants should be grown in full sunlight for maximum quality.

Storage Specifics:

Cold storage intensifies flower color. 34-38 degrees F.

  • E. amethystinum is also used for cut flowers.
  • Eryngium is a Greek name for some sort of thistle. The specific epithet name “planum” means flat.
  • Plants of this family often exhibit strong or pungent odors, many are grown for food, flavoring and medicinal reasons while some are also grown for ornamental purposes.
  • Can be used fresh or dried.
  • Harvest when flowers are fully open.