Queen Protea – Protea magnifica

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Queen Protea – Protea magnifica

Common Name: Queen Protea

Botanical Name: Protea magnifica, pro-TEE-a mag-NIF-i-ca

Decorative Life: 10-20 days.

Flower Color: ,


Family Roots:
  • Member of the Proteaceae (protea family).
  • Native to South Africa.
  • Relatives include Grevillea, Leucodendron, Leucospermum and Banksia.
  • Numerous flowers in dome-shaped heads, 5-8 inches across, surrounded by stiff colored bracts, giving a crown-like appearance.
  • Stems with leathery leaves, cut to various lengths.
  • Plant is an evergreen shrub, classed as a dicotyledon.
  • Flowers are not fragrant.
Storage Specifics:

32-34 F, provide light during storage to prevent leaf blackening.

  • Named after Proteus, a Greek sea god with the power of prophecy. The specific epithet name magnifica means magnificent.
  • Spectacular focal points in contemporary arrangements, the durable Protea will often bloom for several months.
  • Suitable for drying. Leaves can turn black due to low light and especially due to lack of carbohydrate. Therefore, make sure a fresh flower food containing sugar is used.