Purple Amaranthus – Amaranthus cruentus

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Purple Amaranthus – Amaranthus cruentus

Common Name: Purple Amaranthus, Red Cathedral, Prince's Feather

Botanical Name: Amaranthus cruentus, am-a-RAN-thus crew-EN-tus

Decorative Life: About 7-10 days.

Flower Color: , ,


  • Amaranthus is Greek for unfading, in allusion to the unwithering bracts. Bracts are modified leaves generally associated with flowers and often confused with petals.
  • Also known as tassel-flower. The specific epithet name of cruentus means bloody, possibly in reference to red colored flowers.
  • Many members of the amaranth family are considered weeds such as pigweed, tumbleweed and water hemp.
  • Foliage can be colorful, good as dried flower.
  • Commonly grown in the garden.