Mint – Mentha spp. (M. X piperita, M. spicata)

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Mint – Mentha spp. (M. X piperita, M. spicata)

Common Name: Mint, Peppermint, Spearmint

Botanical Name: Mentha spp. (M. X piperita, M. spicata), MEN-tha

Decorative Life: Approximately 4-10 days depending on species. For example, in one series of tests, spearmint lasts about twice as long as peppermint.


Storage Specifics:

As close to 32F as possible without causing freeze damage. Store in the dark, not in light.

  • Named after Xaverio Manetti (1723-1785), botanist and director of the Botanic Gardens in Florence, Italy.
  • When used in garden settings where spreading is not wanted, it is suggested that they be planted in containers and the entire containers be buried.