Lady Palm – Rhapis excelsa (R. humilis)

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Lady Palm – Rhapis excelsa (R. humilis)

Common Name: Lady Palm, Bamboo Palm (Dwarf or Slender Lady Palm)

Botanical Name: Rhapis excelsa (R. humilis), RAY-pis

Decorative Life: Years.


Harvest Instructions:

Other than having a smaller growth habit, R. humilis also grows better in cooler climates than R. execelsa.

Family Roots:
  • Member of the Palmae (palm family).
  • Originally from China, Japan.
  • Relatives include many palms like date, coconut and oil.
  • Classed as a monocotyledon, leaves mostly parallel veined.
  • Fronds (fern leaves) are fan-like, forming clumps.
  • Stems are covered with fibrous leaf sheaths.
Storage Specifics:

Chill sensitive, store above 55F.

  • The specific epithet name “excelsa” means tall.
  • Rhapis: Greek for needle but the application of this meaning to this species is not obvious other than in possible reference to the narrow leaf segments.
  • Members of this family provide the world with many products including food (coconut and oil), ornamentals, wax, fibers and beverages.
  • Will generally grow well in light levels bright enough to read a newspaper in comfort.