Hypericum – Hypericum androsaemum or H. spp.

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Hypericum – Hypericum androsaemum or H. spp.

Common Name: Coffee Bean Berry, Hypericum

Botanical Name: Hypericum androsaemum or H. spp., hy-PAIR-i-cum an-dro-SAY-mum

Decorative Life: 10-21 days.

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Storage Specifics:

36-41 F for short duration.

  • The scientific name is from the Greek words “hyper” (above) and “eikon” (a picture) referring to the practice of hanging branches above pictures to ward off evil spirits.
  • Because of insect problems, this species is prevented from being exported to the US from certain areas of the world. Researchers and commercial operations are experimenting with irradiation to kill the insects but not harm the plant.
  • Many species are grown in ornamental gardens as shrubs or ground covers.
  • It is reported that the cultivars ‘Autumn Blaze’ and ‘Excellent Flair’ are good.