Holland Ruscus – Ruscus sp. (hypoglossum or hypophyllum)

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Holland Ruscus – Ruscus sp. (hypoglossum or hypophyllum)

Common Name: Israeli Ruscus, Holland Ruscus

Botanical Name: Ruscus sp. (hypoglossum or hypophyllum), RUS-cus hy-po-GLOS-um or hy-po-PHY-lum

Decorative Life: Often 50 plus days.

Flower Color: ,


Storage Specifics:

Store at 34-41 F, up to 10 days dry and up to 3 weeks in water.

  • Ruscus has separate male and female plants. The flowers appear in the middle of the cladopylls and the female flowers develop into red berries.
  • With over 3000 species, the lily family includes many medicinal and food species in addition to ornamentals.
  • For those Chain of Life Network Members wanting more detailed information about the florists’ greens industry, it is highly recommended that Robert Stamps’ article entitled Florists’ Botanicals (2001) be read.
  • Used extensively in weddings. Berries red.
  • Leaves are larger than Italian ruscus.