Fiddle-Leaf Fig – Ficus lyrata ‘Compacta’ and F. lyrata

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Fiddle-Leaf Fig – Ficus lyrata ‘Compacta’ and F. lyrata

Common Name: Fiddle-Leaf Fig (compact), Fiddle-Leaf, banjo Fig

Botanical Name: Ficus lyrata 'Compacta' and F. lyrata, FI-cus li-RA-ta

Decorative Life: Years.


Harvest Instructions:

‘Compacta’ can be easily grown from tissue culture whereas the normal form (F. lyrata) is propagated using the much more difficult air layering technique.

Storage Specifics:

Chill sensitive, hold at or above 55F.

  • Ficus is from the Latin name for the edible fig.
  • The specific epithet name “lyrata” means shaped like a lyre which is a harp class instrument, in reference to its leaves. Hence, the selection of the common names.