Diascia – Diascia spp. or D. barberae

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Diascia – Diascia spp. or D. barberae

Common Name: Twinspur, Diascia

Botanical Name: Diascia spp. or D. barberae, dy-ASH-ee-a or dy-AS-e-a

Decorative Life: From 2-4 plus weeks depending on environment.

Flower Color: ,

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Harvest Instructions:

Will respond to B-Nine or Florel to produce more compact plants with more flowers.

  • Many species in this 3000 plus species family are grown for ornamental and medicinal purposes including slipperwort, speedwell, mullein, bearded-tongue, foxglove, snapdragon, toadflax, monkey-flower, cape-fuchsia, coral-plant, nemesia, and blue-lips.
  • Diascia is from the Greek “dis” (two) and “askos” (sac), referring to the sacs marked by yellow and maroon patches on the corolla (inner petals) known as ‘windows’.
  • Some favorite cultivars and their respective flower colors include ‘Strawberry Sundae’ (pink) and ‘Whisper’ (cranberry red). Will generally do well in light levels at least bright enough to read a newspaper in comfort but more light would be better.