Coral Bells – Heuchera spp. (mostly H. sanguinea)

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Coral Bells – Heuchera spp. (mostly H. sanguinea)

Common Name: Coral Bells, Alum Root

Botanical Name: Heuchera spp. (mostly H. sanguinea), HU-ker-a

Flower Color: , ,

Harvest Instructions:

Can be harvested with only 2-3% of the flowers open if STS treated and held in a flower food solution, resulting in nearly all of all flowers eventually opening.

  • Named for Johann Heinrich Heucher (1677-1747), Professor of Medicine, Wittenberg.
  • Most commonly seen growing in partial shade gardens. Can remain evergreen even with winter temperatures in the zero F range.
Recent Research Findings:

Yuan et al. (1995) determined that this species needs to have 12 developed leaves before flower initiation can proceed.