Chinese Lantern – Sandersonia aurantiaca

Chinese Lantern – Sandersonia aurantiaca

Common Name: Chinese Lantern, Christmas Bells

Botanical Name: Sandersonia aurantiaca, san-der-SO-ni-a a-ran-ti-A-ca

Flower Color:


Harvest Instructions:

High to moderate light intensities and 70-80F temperatures produced the best quality flowers.

  • Named for John Sanderson, ~1820-1891, honorary secretary of the Horticultural Society of Natal.
  • Specific epithet name “aurantiaca” means orange-red, in reference to its flower color.
  • Gets it common name from the shape of the flowers.
  • This species was reportedly first commercialized as a cut flower in the 1980s in New Zealand. Now grown in many countries.

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