Cape-Jasmine – Gardenia augusta (G. jasminoides)

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Cape-Jasmine – Gardenia augusta (G. jasminoides)

Common Name: Gardenia, Cape-Jasmine

Botanical Name: Gardenia augusta (G. jasminoides), gar-DEEN-ee-a au-GUS-ta or jaz-min-OY-deez

Decorative Life: Last only 1-3 days or less under most circumstances depending on use and treatment.

Flower Color:


Storage Specifics:

Can be stored at high humidity for 2 weeks at 32-36 F.

  • Gardenia was mistakenly thought to be an American plant, and was thus named in the colonial days after Dr. Alexander Garden from Charleston, South Carolina, a correspondent of Linnaeus.
  • Usually used as a corsage, fully opened with a support collar made of leaves. The specific epithet name jasminoides means jasmine-like.
  • Besides ornamentals, this family includes a number of important species noted for coffee, quinine, dyes and medicines.