Air-Plant – Aechmea spp. (especially A. fasciata)

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Common Name: Air-Plant, Living-Vase (Silver Vase)

Botanical Name: Aechmea spp. (especially A. fasciata), ek-ME-a

Decorative Life: Weeks to months to years.

Flower Color: , , , , ,


Harvest Instructions:

Various fertilizer treatments during production did not alter the postharvest performance of ‘Fasciata’ and ‘Fascini’.

Storage Specifics:

Chill sensitive, store above 55F and do not store or ship over two weeks.

  • Most bromeliads only flower once under home/office conditions. However, if new off-shoots are produced, it is possible to induce them to flower by treating the plant with ethylene gas. To treat a plant, place one or two ready to eat apples next to the plant and then seal the plant and apples in a plastic bag. Keep the bag sealed for two or three days at room temperature. Remove the bag and apples. It may take many weeks before you will know if the treatment was successful. Finally, since this bromeliad species does not flower much too begin with, it may be even more of a challenge to induce flowering.
  • Most are classified as “epiphytes” or air plants as they grow on other plants and elevated supports. They are not parasites but obtain water and nutrients through a spongy covering of their roots.
  • Aechmea from the Greek word “aichme” meaning pointed sepals.
  • The most common member of this family is the pineapple, other species are grown for fiber but most are grown for ornamental value.
  • Most cultivars can survive under a wide range of light conditions.
Recent Research Findings:

Van Dijck et al. (1988) showed that cytokinins are involved in stimulating flowers in addition to ethylene. Therefore, growers may want to test commercially available products that contain cytokinins like benzyl adenine.