Resurrect Romance Week

“The life and love we create is the life and love we live.” – Leo Buscaglia (aka Dr. Love)

What? You’ve never heard of National Resurrect Romance Week? Let’s take a look at this interesting holiday and its meaningful intentions. First of all it is celebrated the second full week in August which is six months after Valentine’s Day has passed. This year August 14 – 20 is the official Resurrect Romance Week. Michael Webb, called by the media “The Martha Stewart of Romance”, established the holiday in 1995 because he felt the need to create a romantic holiday that for once did not focus on money and “things.” Webb wanted people to equate romance with time and attention which was something he exalted on his website, and as author of The Romantic’s Guide and 12 other books on love, dating, romance and relationships.

People in countries around the world have embraced the holiday and have made it a practice to spread the love this week. It’s a feel-good time where you can dedicate yourself to surprising that someone special in your life with romantic gestures big and small. Of course we at Calyx Flowers couldn’t pass up the chance to say that we feel flowers are a quintessential part of the romance department!

Are you a fan of romance? If so, how will you proclaim your love next week?

Resurrect Romance Week is August 14th – 20th.