Love, Peace & Daisies

Let's give PEACE a chance (with flowers)!

One of the fun summer business trips I look forward to each year is the annual “Super Floral Show”, now known under the somewhat more formal name of “International Floriculture Expo“. It’s a showcase of cut flowers and plants, growers, equipment, giftwares and more, along with a stellar education program offered to attendees. Last week I had the pleasure of attending my 10th show.

Because there are so many exhibitors showing flowers it takes a lot of creativity, color and ingenuity to stand out from the pack. After making my way around the gigantic expo floor a big smile came across my face. I looked down to see a very bright and cheery display of flowers that I knew I had to share.

The floral creation was by Hosa International, a cut flower grower with farms in Ecuador and Columbia. They certainly made a statement with their display and I was caught by the beauty of how flowers can make even bigger flowers.

Pushin Daisies

And finally as I walked on to the next booth I was amazed to find a 7 ft tall daisy that seemed to be calling out to me from the Knud Nielsen booth. Seemed like a good photo opportunity for me as I don’t typically have to look up to too many flowers. Next up….a flower icon.

That's one tall Daisy!