Keeping Christmas Garlands Fresh

If you live in a climate that is cold during the winter holiday season, and you decorate with garlands outside of your house, you have little to worry about – your Christmas garlands, Christmas wreaths and other seasonal evergreen decorations should remain fresh, green and fragrant.

But if you bring garlands inside, heat and low humidity can make life difficult for them. Before bringing the greenery inside, soak them in water overnight to rehydrate them.

To extend the freshness of your evergreen holiday decor – and, importantly, to avoid the risk of fire – never place fresh greenery near heat sources, such as space heaters, heater vents or sunny windows. Be careful of wreaths used on the front door, if there is a glass outer door that receives direct sunlight. Keep greenery away from candles and fireplaces. If you use lights near your green arrangements, make sure that they stay cool, and if outside, that they are rated for exterior use.

Check your decorations every couple of days for freshness. If greenery are becoming dry, either replace or remove the dry portions. Make sure to discard dry greenery away from the house or garage to prevent a further fire hazard.

Commercial sprays are available that can be used to provide some fire resistance. But your best bet is simply to keep them away from heat sources, and make sure that any Christmas wreaths, roping and garlands that you bring indoors are as fresh as possible. Check needles by bending them. They should be flexible and not break. and discard greenery that are shedding or that have brown, dry tips.