Celebrating National Iris Day

Telstar Iris
Celebrate Iris Day on May 8 to make the most of this gorgeous and unique flower.

Sunnier days are ahead as we look forward to bringing out the brighter colors in our wardrobe and in our flowers, like the tulips at the beginning of spring to irises. A popular garden flower, irises are also prevalent in art, culture, and seasonal flowering arrangements.

Iris flowers have been a floral icon for centuries, inspiring beautiful paintings and even perfumes, and even its own day, National Iris Day, which happens to be coming up. National Iris Day falls on May 8 and is a day set aside to celebrate this striking flower. In honor of Iris Day, we have gathered a few of our favorite Iris facts and bouquets to help you celebrate!

What’s in a Name?

The name Iris comes from the Greek word for the goddess of the rainbow, possibly referring to the diverse range of colors that irises are available in. The Iris flower has been revered all over the world for its beauty and symbolism. 

In addition to its association with the rainbow, irises have held various meanings in different cultures, often symbolizing wisdom, faith, courage, and hope. These elegant blooms have been celebrated in art, literature, and mythology, reflecting their enduring significance in human culture throughout history.

English Garden Escape Bouquet
Irises’ distinct shape works well with taller flowers for an interesting, iris floral arrangement.

The Striking Shape of Irises

The shape of the Iris’ blossom is also one of its most desirable and notable traits. Irises have an interesting sword-like shape with billowy petals surrounding an erect bloom. The delicate petals move elegantly in the wind, so much so that one Chinese word for Iris translates to “the purple butterfly.”

This unique shape is not only useful for insects looking for nectar but is also part of why the iris is such a highly prized flower. It stands up to other flowers easily while maintaining a special and striking look. The distinct structure of the blossom works well in taller arrangements like our Spring Blooms Bouquet bouquet, which features blue Irises and pure white tulips for a flower arrangement that is a study of dramatic contrast.

Lavish Lavender Iris with vase
It is easy to see why purple irises, like these, have inspired centuries of fine art, emblems and cultural icons.

Embracing the Symbolism of Irises

With the rainbow of colors to choose from, Irises flowers provide us with plenty of choices when deciding on what sort of message to send. Whether it’s a bouquet to convey love and admiration or a single stem to express sympathy and condolences, the iris offers versatility and beauty. 

Each hue carries its own significance, allowing us to tailor our floral gestures to match the occasion perfectly. And what better time to celebrate the enchanting iris than on May 8th, Iris Day? This special day honors not only the flower’s stunning beauty but also its rich symbolism and cultural importance. It’s an opportunity to pause and appreciate the elegance of irises while recognizing their role in connecting us to nature and to each other