Happy Earth Day!

Some pretty terrifying things have happened this past week which can make seeing the beauty in things difficult. However, we at Calyx Flowers believe in paying it forward – be kind and see kindness come back to you. The planet is full of wonderful people and natural beauty so let’s take today to notice that. Let’s be kind to our planet that graciously provides us with so much.

How will you celebrate Earth Day? Planting a tree? Spending some time in the garden? Even just going for a nice walk to appreciate all of natures offerings around you. Today is a day to celebrate the planet! Today isn’t the only day we should be kind to our mother earth, it’s important to do something daily that will contribute to the betterment of our communities and the continual improvement of our planet. We want our children and our childrens’ children to be able to enjoy the same fruitful natural beauty that we often take for granted.

So, grab a shovel or a rake and get to work. Let’s all give the planet a little loving today and know that we’ll be getting it right back. Happy Earth Day flower lovers!