Fun Facts about Blooming Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas blooming in beautiful color

Thought it would be great to share some fun facts about hydrangeas as so many of these wonderful plants are in bloom. Read on and be sure to share if you have any facts or tips on hydrangeas.

  • The scientific name is from the Greek words “hydro” (water) and “aggos” (a jar) and refers to the fruits of the plant, which are cup-shaped.
  • The showy parts of the flowers are sepals, not petals.
  • Has small, flat flowers in dense, round clusters up to 6 inches in diameter at stem ends.
  • The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology lists this species as an allergy-safe pollen producing plant.
  • Native to Japan, Korea.
  • The flower color can be controlled by soil pH.
  • Mostly used as a potted plant.
  • For the most part flowers are not fragrant.