Ti Leaves

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Ti Leaves
Common Name: Ti Leaves
Botanical Name: Cordyline terminalis (kor-DI-li-nee ter-mi-NAL-is)
Decorative Life: 7-14 days.
Post Harvest Care:
  • Recut stems under water and place into a bleach solution (about 20 drops [1/4 teaspoon] per quart of water).
  • Chill sensitive.
Family Roots:
  • Member of the Agavaceae (agave) family.
  • Native to East Asia.
  • Related species include Century plant, tuberose, yucca, dracaena.
  • Leaves 1-3 feet long and 4-6 inches wide.
  • Plant is a tender evergreen shrub or tree.
  • Classed as a monocotyledon, leaves mostly parallel veined.
Availability: Year-round.
Flower Color: Not applicable.
Storage Specifics: Hold at 50-60F, with high humidity.
  • From the Greek "kordyle" (a club) referring to the large, fleshy roots of some species.
  • Emerald green form and darker green form with pink margins available.
  • Leaves can be cut or stapled into various forms.
  • Leaves often shipped with wet cotton wrapped on ends.