Douglas Fir

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Douglas Fir
Common Name: Douglas Fir
Botanical Name: Pseudotsuga menziesii (formally P. douglasii) (soo-do-SOO-ga)
Decorative Life: Two to three weeks.
Post Harvest Care:
  • Do not treat with STS as this can reduce vaselife. No data is yet available on whether the same result would be obtained if MCP is used.
  • Recut stems and place in a hydration or bleach solution, as flower food is not needed.
Family Roots:
  • As a member of the Pinaceae (pine family), it has many common relatives including pine, hemlock, cedar, larch, fir and spruce.
  • Species is classed as a gymnosperm, producing seeds in a cone.
  • It is a monoecious plant meaning that female and male reproductive tissue are on the same plant but in different flowers.
Availability: Year-round but almost exclusively used at Christmas time.
Flower Color: Not applicable.
Storage Specifics: Store wet or dry at 32-35F. If stored dry, wrap in plastic after it is to the proper low temperature to reduce desiccation.
  • From the Greek pseudo meaning false and Tsuga.
  • Most good cultivars are grafted on to P. menziesii root stock.
Recent Findings: Tingley and Prince (1990) showed that this species produces much ethylene, especially when not held at proper low temperatures. Therefore, storing it with ethylene sensitive flowers and greens is questionable unless proper low temperatures are strictly maintained.