Wavy Cachepot


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Bright in appearance and cheerful in personality, the kalanchoe plant is like a dose of daily happiness that was just made for sharing. And with such a charming presence, it’s no wonder this plant has an ability to attract butterflies. Our sunshine-yellow specimen with hearty green leaves arrives planted in a 4″ grower’s pot placed inside an equally happy cachepot, its square shape hand painted with a winsome wave design and finished with accents of gold. Send this sweet surprise to brighten anyone’s day, be it for birthday, just because, or to help them get well soon.

Place the plant in an area that receives indirect sunlight and away from hot or cold drafts. Kalanchoe blooms in response to shorter day length but prefer high light situations to grow. Place in an area with average warmth. Conditions should not drop below 50 degrees in the winter. Water thoroughly and let the surface dry between waterings. Roots will rot if the plant is over-watered. You may wish to feed lightly with any balanced fertilizer for flowering potted plants. Propagating by stem cuttings is easy to do.

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