Succulent Surprises


SKU: 4C0P00674

A lovely ceramic cachepot, square in a black wooden base holding a hand-planted succulent. Perfect for any plant enthusiast as well as those who claim their thumbs are anything but green, this intriguing plant makes an eye-catching addition to home or office décor. A bold statement of both structure and simplicity, impressive to say the least.

  • Plant height:  9″ – 11″ high


Succulents include a wide range of plants including cacti, which are native to dry regions in the world. They store water for long periods of time. Allow your plant to dry before watering. If the plant becomes extremely dry it will go slightly dormant without harm. Use approximately 2oz of water every two weeks. Display in bright artificial light or near a window in indirect sunlight. In mild climates, they can grow on a porch without direct sunlight in 40 – 90F temperatures. Keep away from air conditioning or heating vents. Fertilize at ½ household strength fertilizer every 2 – 3 weeks during the growing months. Be sure to water the plant witth clean water before feeding with fertilizer.

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