Blue Glazed Damask Ceramic Cachepot


SKU: 4C0V00596

This truly special orchid plant is one of the dendrobium variety, yet it surprises with atypical blooms resembling those of the phalaenopsis. Arriving in bud and bloom, it’s sure to make quite an impression on even the most discerning orchid aficionados. To complement the tropical beauty, we’ve chosen our beautiful flower pattern cachepot, creating a delightful gift you’ll enjoy giving for any autumn occasion.

Place the orchid where it will receive low, indirect light. It will do best with temperatures between 59 to 79 degrees. Keep orchid slightly moist, the roots should never be dry. Take orchid out of basket or cachepot to water and drain. These plants like humidity between 40 -50%. Misting will help increase humidity. Fertilize once a month with a balanced orchid food at ½ strength. Do not fertilize while flowering.