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Common Name: Snowflake, Summer Snowflake, Loddon Lily
Botanical Name: Leucojum aestivum (lu-KO-jum es-TEE-vum)
Decorative Life: From about 12-18 days.
Harvest Instructions: Should be harvested when the first flower begins to show color.
Family Roots:
  • As a member of the Amaryllidaceae (amaryllis family), its common relatives include agapanthus, onion, alstroemeria, clivia and naked lady.
  • Native to Balearic, Sardinia.
  • Monocotyledon from a bulb, leaves mostly parallel veined. Leaves about 18 x 1 inches. Flower stalk (scape) stout and hollow, somewhat flattened, up to 24 inches.
  • Flowers are fragrant.
Availability: Summer.
Flower Color: White with a hint of green.
Storage Specifics: No specific storage data yet located.
  • From the Greek "leukos" for white and "ion" for velvet, a reference to the delicate fragrance. Name first applied by Theophrastus to Matthiola (stock) flowers.