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Common Name: Artillery Plant, Friendship Plant, Pilea
Botanical Name: Pilea spp. (P. cadierei, P. microphylla, P. involucrata, P. nummularifolia) (PI-lea-a or pi-LEA-a)
Decorative Life: Months to years.
Post Harvest Care:
  • Very little postharvest information is published about these species. However, it is recommended that they be treated similar to Ficus or Philodendron.
Family Roots:
  • As members of the Utricaceae (nettle family), they have few common relatives other than other members of the same genus.
  • Depending on species, they are native to Vietnam, Central and South America, Mexico and the West Indies.
  • This genus is composed mostly of low growing or prostrate and trailing tropical perennials noted for their beautiful foliage, going from neat, tiny, round leaves to succulent, often deeply quilted and richly colored ones. Many species exhibit leaves with fine bronzed and silvered markings.
  • Stems or petioles are often tinged pink.
  • Flowers are often minute or inconspicuous.
Availability: Year-round.
Flower Color: Too small to be of consideration.
Storage Specifics: Assume they are chill sensitive and store them at or above 55F. 'Silver Tree' can be stored from 10-66F with equally good results for 21 days.
  • From the Greek "pilos" for cap, referring to the shape of the larger sepal, which in some species entirely covers the achene (a one-seeded fruit or ripening ovary).