Lily Grass

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Lily Grass
Common Name: Lily Grass, Liriope
Botanical Name: Liriope spp., Ophiopogon spp. (li-RYE-o-pee, o-fee-o-PO-gon)
Decorative Life: 12-18 days.
Post Harvest Care:
  • Recut stems under water and place into water plus regular household bleach at 20 drops (1/4 teaspoon) per quart.
Family Roots:
  • Member of the Liliaceae (lily family).
  • Native to China, Japan, Philippines.
  • Relatives include lily, tulip, asparagus, daylily and hyacinth.
  • Has narrow, grass-like leaves up to 24 inches long.
  • Plant is an evergreen herbaceous perennial, classed as a monocotyledon.
Availability: Year-round.
Flower Color: Not applicable.
Storage Specifics: 34-38F.
  • Liriope was the name of Narcissus' mother and she was a fountain nymph. Ophiopogon is from the Greek "ophis" (a snake) and "pogon" (a beard).
  • With over 3000 species, the lily family includes many medicinal and food species in addition to ornamental species. The most common species is L. muscari, a fairly drought-tolerant evergreen groundcover for the garden.
  • Foliage can be green, variegated or almost black.