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Common Name: Brodiaea, Grassnut, Triplet Lily
Botanical Name: Triteleia laxa ()
Decorative Life: If treated properly, individual flowers may last only 4 days but the total stem of flowers has a display life of about 12 days.
Post Harvest Care:
  • In addition to anti-ethylene treatment, place in a flower food.
Harvest Instructions: Harvest when the oldest flowers on a stem are 1-2 days before pollen show. Recently harvested corms treated with 20 ppm ethylene for 7 days prior to replanting promoted flowering of small corms and incresed the number of flowers produced per stem among other growth and development advantages.
Family Roots:
  • Is a member of the Liliaceae (lily) family. Common family members besides lilies are tulip, hyacinth, aloe and hosta.
  • Native to the western US, California to southern Oregon.
  • Leaves are grass-like, about 2/3 the length of the scape or flower stalk.
  • Many flowera are present on each scape in an umbel arrangement. One cultivar ('Konigin Fabiola' or 'Queen Fabiola') has up to 25 flowers per stem.
Flower Color: Normally deep voilet-purple but lighter shades do exist, seldom white.
Storage Specifics: If pulsed with a 10% sucrose solution overnight, flowers can be stored at 33-35F for 2 weeks without significant loss in vaselife.
  • From the Greek "tri" for three and "telos" for end, the parts of the flower are in threes.