Fountain Palm

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Fountain Palm
Common Name: Fan Palm, Chinese Fan Palm, Fountain Palm
Botanical Name: Livistona chinensis (liv-i-STO-na)
Decorative Life: Years.
Family Roots:
  • Member of the Arecaceae or Palmae (palm family).
  • Native to Southern Japan and China.
  • Relatives are other palms including coconut, oil and date.
  • Plant is classed as a monocotyledon.
  • Fronds (fern leaves) are fan-like, rounded, drooping at outer edges, 3-6 feet long.
  • Stems are slow-growing, show prominent leaf scars.
Availability: Year-round.
Flower Color: Greenish but very small.
Storage Specifics: Chill sensitive, store above 55 degrees F.
  • Livistona, in honor of P. Murray of Livistone, a town near Edinburgh. He had a large garden that eventually became Edinburgh Botanic Garden.
  • Flowers are very small.
  • Members of this family provide the world with many products including food (coconut and oil), ornamentals, wax, fibers and beverages.
  • Will generally grow well in light levels bright enough to read a newspaper in comfort.