False Dragon Head

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False Dragon Head
Common Name: False Dragon Head, Obedient Plant
Botanical Name: Physostegia spp. (most likely P. virginiana) (fi-so-STE-ji-a)
Decorative Life: From about 7-14 days.
Post Harvest Care:
  • Make sure that a flower food is used as vaselife can be easily doubled compared to water only. Recutting stems under water is often beneficial.
  • Flowers held dry for 8 hours after cutting at 73F lasted just as long as those placed in flower food solution immediately after harvest.
Family Roots:
  • Member of the Lamiaceae or Labiatae (mint family).
  • Common relatives include salvia, mints, coleus, Ajuga and tyme.
  • Can grow up to 6 feet tall, normally in damp, swampy areas. Lower leaves with petioles while upper ones are sessile (no petioles).
  • Have white running rhizomes that spread rapidly, muched-branched, forming creeping clumps.
  • Flowers from tightly to loosely packed on spike-like stems.
Availability: Summer.
Flower Color: Red-violet, lavender or white.
Storage Specifics: Most likely in the mid to low 30s but specific data lacking.
  • From the Greek "physa", a bladder, and "stege", a covering.
  • The somewhat popular common name "Obedient Plant" arises because the flowers remain put if re-positioned.
  • Because of its spreading habit, can become a weed in garden settings.
Recent Findings: Kelly and Starman (1990) showed that after one week of dry storage at 32F, flower vaselife was 8 days, down from 14 days with no storage. These findings assume that the flowers were STS treated and flower food is used.