Cape Primrose

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Cape Primrose
Common Name: Cape Primrose
Botanical Name: Streptocarpus spp. or S. X hybridus (strep-toe-KAR-pus)
Decorative Life: 2-4 weeks.
Post Harvest Care:
  • This species has been shown not to be sensitive to irrigation chlorine levels unless they are above 77 ppm.
Harvest Instructions: Spraying seedlings with gibberellins (4+7) when leaves were greater than one inch long increased the number of flowers per plant (Orvos et al., 1989).
Family Roots:
  • Member of the Gesneriaceae (gesneria family).
  • Native to Madagascar.
  • Two very common relatives are African Violet and gloxinia.
  • Flowers tubular, spreading to trumpet-shaped, held above foliage.
  • Leaves fleshy, velvety.
Availability: Year-round.
Flower Color: Pale purple, blue, white, pink.
Storage Specifics: Chill sensitive, store above 55 degrees F.
  • Streptocarpus: Greek for twisted-fruit.
  • Some favorite cultivars and their respective flower colors include 'Hera' (maroon with white picotee) and 'Sirius' (purple with white picotee).
  • Unless the seed pods are wanted, remove them before they develop for a better looking plant and possibly more flower production.
  • Needs more light than most indoor plants.