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Common Name: Browallia, Amethyst Flower
Botanical Name: Browallia spp. (bro-WAL-ee-a)
Decorative Life: A few weeks to months depending on culture and use.
Family Roots:
  • A member of the Solanaceae (nightshade) family.
  • Common relatives include potato, tomato, pepper, tobacco, petunia and jimson-weed.
  • Native to Tropical South America.
  • Shrubby perennial, woody at base.
  • Leaves to about 3 inches long, ovale ot elliptic. Flowers in upper leaf axils.
Availability: Spring through summer.
Flower Color: Blue or white.
  • Named after J. Browall (1705-55), Bishop of Abo, Sweden, a defender of the then unpopular Linnaeus's sexual classification system for plants.
  • Good growth habit for hanging baskets.